At Atruity, we believe business owners deserve access to accurate and actionable information to optimize strategic decision-making. 

We operate independently, focusing on delivering comprehensive business appraisal services tailored to our clients' unique needs.

Through our sophisticated Big Data platform and our staff of Certified Valuations Analysts, “CVAs,” we provide a seamless and transparent business appraisal experience, empowering business owners with precise valuations and strategic insight.

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It’s Too Expensive– With our Big Data platform, your valuation cost will be less than expected in today's environment.  

It’s Time-Consuming– Our tech-enabled valuation process has a much faster turnaround. Traditional certified business valuations do take a few weeks to complete. 

It’s Too Complicated– Our valuation process is fast, efficient, and collaborative with our proven 7-step system and Big Data platform.

It’s Not a Priority- Appraisals give owners crucial insights for informed decision-making, strategic planning, and preparing for unforeseen circumstances, ensuring long-term financial success.

Complimentary Snapshot Valuation

Schedule a complimentary “Snapshot Valuation” of your business. 

We need just three Data points: NAICS code, current revenue, and profitability.

Our Valuation Services

Our methodology and 7-step process has been endorsed by the American Bankers Association (ABA). 

Over 30 million businesses have been valued using this Big Data Platform. 

The methodology and math behind the scenes are tested, accurate, endorsed by industry leaders, and are safe and secure.

Our 7-step process and patented algorithm uses methods from the Market, Asset, and Income approach to reach the valuation results. 

The platform produces four values along with more than a dozen industry-benchmarked KPIs.

Asset, Stock/Equity, Enterprise, and Liquidation values.

Our Tech Enabled Big Data Estimated Business Valuation

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Certified Valuations

Need a Certified Valuation?
Need a Qualified Appraiser requirement?

We have a Certified Valuation Analysts CVAs on staff. Book a virtual coffee with us to discuss your specific needs.

These valuations are completed with NACVA standards and are an excellent source for SBA lending, Esop programs, complex valuations, legal matters, IRS qualified appraiser requirements, or the desire to have a business appraisal certified by a licensed CVA

See what others have said about Atruity

Gregory Marholin

President - RescomX

Working with Atruity for our business appraisals was easy as they completed our valuations quickly and painlessly. Their fast response allowed us to gain valuable information, allowing our specific situation to be addressed more quickly and confidently. Their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail surpassed our expectations. Thanks to their thorough analysis, we gained invaluable insights. Highly recommended!

Knowing the value of your business is no longer a difficult or expensive task. It's essential and we make it easy and affordable.

Today, Atruity can help you obtain a valuation quickly and easily with very little investment of time or money. The majority of business owners know their business is their primary asset. Yet 98% of business owners do not know the value of their business.

Knowing your business's value at different times helps with more than just selling. It guides decisions like getting loans, growing or buying other businesses, handling partnerships, and planning for the future.

Business Valuations provide insight into; Understanding Your Business’s Potential Ensuring Your Business Is Properly Protected; Creating Accurate Buy/Sell Agreements, Building an Estate Plan, Creating a Succession Plan, Planning for Retirement, Preparing for Taxable Events, Getting What Your Business Is Worth at Sale

Our business valuations empower owners, and their valued professionals for example; Wealth Managers, Private Bankers, Attorneys, and CPAs to make informed decisions regarding business investments, exit planning, estate planning, and wealth management.

Don't find yourself unprepared at the most critical point in your business

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, moments of critical decision-making are bound to arise. Are you prepared for the UFO "Unsolicited Financial Offer"? Or worse, picture this: You're suddenly experiencing an unforeseen marketplace challenge or personal issue and your business's future is now hanging in the balance. Now, ask yourself, do you truly know what your enterprise is worth?

We recognize the gravity of these junctures. Our valuations empower you with the knowledge you need to navigate these pivotal moments. With Atruity by your side, you'll face every critical juncture with confidence, knowing that you're armed with an accurate assessment of your business's true value. Don't leave it to chance—be prepared for success.

Driven by purpose

We're here for you!

Empowering Preparedness

We ensure our clients are impeccably prepared for the most critical junctures in their business journey. We believe that accurate valuations provide the foundation for confident decision-making.

Minimizing Loss, Maximizing Gain

We are committed to minimizing potential loss. This dedication ensures that our clients receive fair compensation for their hard work and dedication, safeguarding them from undervaluation and maximizing their potential gain in crucial transactions.

Preventing Exploitation

We're devoted to ensuring that owners are not taken advantage of in critical negotiations or transactions. Our accurate valuations serve as a shield, allowing our clients to enter discussions armed with the knowledge of their business's true value.

Take control of your business today!

Finding out what you could've done after the fact is a terrible feeling and we don't want that for you. Get our help in making informed decisions that you won't have to regret later.

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